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Today's afternoon, I tried to integrate the Redis to vapor 4 (my swift version is 5.4)

according to this doc , I copied the url ( .package(url: "", .branch("master"))) to my Package.swift

but the complier reported an unwanted problem, it indicated :" An unknown error occurred. unexpected return value from ssl handshake -9806 (-1)"

Meanwhile, I found another reference on vapor's doc ( Unfortunately, it was also unable to be fixed.

Finally, I attempted to substitute the "gitlab" by "github", then the dependency package can be install on my app

To be honesty, I had spent more to an hour to address this issue. so , would you mind to change the url into the right way ?


Answer questions micezhao

I can access the url in chrome the following picture is my content of Package.swift: 截屏2021-05-19 09 44 46


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