Ask questions[Question] How to add Root CA with chromium installed by snap


Nice project work as a charm :+1:,

I have a little question, I use chromium with snapcraft.

When i do mkcert -install this add Root CA in default path for chrome (and work fine this default chrome on linux) but not with chromium browser installed by snap


Default path for Root CA is sql:$HOME/.pki/nssdb but with snap is sql:/home/alexandre/snap/chromium/current/.pki/nssdb.

Do you have an idea for it to work in my case ? Can we change the default path of root CA? What is the certutils command for add the root ca in my chromium?


Answer questions shaal

Using Ubuntu 18.10 On a DDEV 1.8.0 project, I installed mkcert -install.

It works great on Google Chrome and Firefox. But does NOT work on Chromium and on Firefox Nightly.

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