isaaclimdc/ILBarButtonItem 70

Custom image for a UIBarButtonItem without the default bordered style.

isaaclimdc/ILAlertView 50

iOS alerts with a customizable appearance

isaaclimdc/ILHTTPClient 28

A wrapper around AFNetworking with an auto loading HUD

isaaclimdc/ILSideScrollView 28

A sideways-scrolling selection scroll view

isaaclimdc/ILHexStringColor 5

A simple category on UIColor that creates UIColors from hex strings

isaaclimdc/EatUp 2

Making Social Eating possible.

isaaclimdc/11411-QA 1

Question and Answering NLP programs for 11-411

isaaclimdc/AndrewQPA 1

This is a simple open-source app for calculating your Carnegie Mellon University Quality Point Average (QPA).

isaaclimdc/HisWords-Android 1

A simplistic Bible client for Android

isaaclimdc/cachemulator 0

A snooping-based coherent parallel cache emulator