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I Stevenson irstevenson Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

jeffwils/grails-spring-security-saml 7

Grails Spring Security SAML2.0 Plugin for Grails 3

irstevenson/java-ntlm-proxy 2

Java NTLM Proxy forked from SourceForge

irstevenson/mh-converter 1

Simple maidenhead converter library with command line interface

irstevenson/gossip 0

A Mavenized Apache V2 gossip implementation for Java

irstevenson/grails-spring-security-saml-test 0

Test project for Grails 3.3.3 and Grails Spring Security SAML Plugin

irstevenson/micronaut-hostportissue 0

Demonstration of issue with Micronaut RxHttpClient and the Host header

irstevenson/micronaut-httpbuildertest 0

Test app for using micronaut and HttpBuilder NG together

irstevenson/micronaut-rediscache 0

Example app of issue with attempting to use the Redis cache for micronaut

irstevenson/nbn-speedtest 0

Simple scripts for tracking NBN speed

fork graemerocher/quarkus

Quarkus: Supersonic Subatomic Java.

fork in 24 days


issue commentjeffwils/grails-spring-security-saml

Need to change httpClient bean from commons-httpclient to org.apache.httpcomponents in opensaml2.6.6

Hi valentingoebel,

Could you please share your suggestions.


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created repositorygraemerocher/records-demo

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