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Isaac Greenspan ilg Chicago I'm also @nerdery-isaac, @vokal-isaac, and @cgi-isaac.

ilg/IGIsolatedCookieWebView 27

A WebView subclass that uses its own internal non-permanent cookie storage and does not access or affect the system-wide shared cookie storage.

ilg/ILGHttpConstants 11

Constants for HTTP status codes and method names

ilg/IGResizableComboBox 3

An NSComboBox subclass that adds a small draggable bar to allow drag-resizing of the pop-up list.

ilg/MacWJ 3

MacWJ: a simplistic clone of Windows Journal for OS X 10.5+

ilg/ 2

Converts the data from an ICO file into PNG-format data.

ilg/IGEscapePassingDatePicker 2

It's really simple: an NSDatePicker subclass that overrides keyDown: to check if the key pressed is the escape key; if so, pass it to the next responder; if not, pass it to NSDatePicker's keyDown: method. I'm only even bothering to post it because I didn't readily find such a thing.

ilg/ILGSwizzler 2

Class to facilitate method swizzling, particularly for testing.

ilg/InspectorKit.framework 2

Framework and IB-plugin for creating Inspector panels that match the aesthetics and functionality of those in Mac OS X Leopard

ilg/LambdaMLM 2

Mailing list manager running on AWS Lambda + SES + S3