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Ilya Grigorik igrigorik Shopify San Francisco, CA Building merchant+web platform capabilities to supercharge commerce at @Shopify.

igrigorik/ga-beacon 3474

Google Analytics collector-as-a-service (using GA measurement protocol).

igrigorik/ 2134

GH Archive is a project to record the public GitHub timeline, archive it, and make it easily accessible for further analysis.

igrigorik/em-websocket 1676

EventMachine based WebSocket server

igrigorik/decisiontree 1282

ID3-based implementation of the ML Decision Tree algorithm

igrigorik/em-http-request 1216

Asynchronous HTTP Client (EventMachine + Ruby)

igrigorik/em-synchrony 1048

Fiber aware EventMachine clients and convenience classes

igrigorik/bugspots 822

Implementation of simple bug prediction hotspot heuristic

igrigorik/agent 742

Agent is an attempt at modelling Go-like concurrency, in Ruby

igrigorik/em-proxy 667

EventMachine Proxy DSL for writing high-performance transparent / intercepting proxies in Ruby

igrigorik/async-rails 472

async Rails 3 stack demo

fork evanphx/examples

Example applications configured with Dagger

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created repositoryinput-output-hk/bitte-ci-frontend

Bitte CI Frontend

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created repositoryinput-output-hk/bitte-ci

Bitte CI

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issue openedw3c/strategy



A core part of our Strategic work is the evaluation of how proposed work serves the Web. In the "Evaluation" phase at the end of the funnel, we make the case whether work is ready to proceed to Chartering of a Recommendation-track deliverable. At that point, we need to identify:

  • Will this work help to lead the web to its full potential?

  • Is the work Rec-track ready?

  • Do we have the ecosystem of participants needed to make the work successful?

    • users, developers, implementers; industry sectors
    • from that we can dig into
      • who specifically is involved? interested, opposed?
      • what tools and frameworks do they use?

digging deeper:

Will it add value?

  • something good for web users. what are the alternatives?
  • have "horizontal" (a11y, i18n, security, privacy) issues been considered and identified?
  • what's its importance/opportunity cost?

Will we be able to make it succeed?

  • right participants interested. What does the ecosystem look like?
  • implementation likely
  • manageably sized problem
  • achievable timeline
  • minimum viable product
  • does it raise architectural issues that need to be addressed before it can succeed?

Special considerations?

  • risk factors
  • incentives
  • openness, decentralization


  • Advance notice to AC when team feel a WG charter is likely to be developed, we send "advance notice" to the AC and public-new-work.
  • Horizontal review: in this phase, team should request review of charter-in-development from a11y, i18n, arctec, privsec.

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issue commentw3c/paint-timing

Set up auto-publishing?

@caribouW3, you ok to set this one up? Happy to help + review. Let me know.


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pull request commentw3c/requestidlecallback

chore: auto-publish

Thanks for clarifying @caribouW3. Ok, then this should still be useful for a few months after we go back to CR.


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issue closedw3c/strategy

Graph processing & Querying

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issue commentw3c/strategy

Graph processing & Querying

This has been taken over by the SPARQL 1.2 Community Group:


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issue commentw3c/strategy

JS hooks for media codecs

The proposal here is not about exposing supported codecs to Web applications (WebCodecs indeed does that), but about enabling applications to register their own JS/WASM based codecs.

Applications can already provide their own media encoders/decoders in JS/WASM (often done in video conferencing tools for instance). They cannot register them so that e.g. their decoder would be used if they create a <video> tag that targets a media stream that is not natively supported by the browser (but that the custom decoder would support). I'm not aware of progress having been made in that space. It may be low priority in any case.


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issue commentw3c/strategy

How to Incubate (explainer)

Update, then flag for review and circulate


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issue commentw3c/strategy

Music Notation

Recently published some CG drafts, happy with CG process.


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issue closedw3c/strategy

Publication Object Model

There is a community group

The goal of this CG is to develop specs to describe an object model for Publications (think EPUB, PDF, OOXML, and other complex friends) that hides the complexity of package, metadata and resource access inside those formats. A secondary goal is the development and release of a multi-purpose framework, in at least JavaScript and if possible c++ too, implementing those specs.

Though not verbatim, but the work may also be of interest for a future DPUB WG

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pull request commentw3c/requestidlecallback

chore: auto-publish

The spec has to go back to CR first (the last PR ended up with a comment triggering significant change).


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issue commentw3c/strategy

High Dynamic Range (HDR)


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issue commentw3c/strategy

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Canvas High Dynamic Range incubated in Color Web CG


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issue commentw3c/strategy

JS hooks for media codecs

Web Codecs seems to be addressing this; I note an issue on color space support


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issue commentw3c/paint-timing

Set up auto-publishing?

^^ @marcoscaceres @caribouW3


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release rabbitmq/rabbitmq-server


rabbitmq-server-3.9.0-beta.1.exe 11.91MB

rabbitmq-server-3.9.0-beta.1.exe.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-3.9.0-beta.1.tar.xz 4.42MB

rabbitmq-server-3.9.0-beta.1.tar.xz.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-3.9.0.beta.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm 13.69MB

rabbitmq-server-3.9.0.beta.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-3.9.0.beta.1-1.el7.src.rpm 4.44MB

rabbitmq-server-3.9.0.beta.1-1.el7.src.rpm.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-3.9.0.beta.1-1.el8.noarch.rpm 13.69MB

rabbitmq-server-3.9.0.beta.1-1.el8.noarch.rpm.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-3.9.0.beta.1-1.el8.src.rpm 4.44MB

rabbitmq-server-3.9.0.beta.1-1.el8.src.rpm.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-3.9.0.beta.1-1.sles11.noarch.rpm 13.69MB

rabbitmq-server-3.9.0.beta.1-1.sles11.noarch.rpm.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-3.9.0.beta.1-1.sles11.src.rpm 4.44MB

rabbitmq-server-3.9.0.beta.1-1.sles11.src.rpm.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-3.9.0.beta.1-1.suse.noarch.rpm 13.69MB

rabbitmq-server-3.9.0.beta.1-1.suse.noarch.rpm.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-3.9.0.beta.1-1.suse.src.rpm 4.44MB

rabbitmq-server-3.9.0.beta.1-1.suse.src.rpm.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-generic-unix-3.9.0-beta.1.tar.xz 11.81MB

rabbitmq-server-generic-unix-3.9.0-beta.1.tar.xz.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-generic-unix-latest-toolchain-3.9.0-beta.1.tar.xz 13.70MB

rabbitmq-server-generic-unix-latest-toolchain-3.9.0-beta.1.tar.xz.asc 0.81KB 23.48MB 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server_3.9.0.beta.1-1.debian.tar.xz 12.10KB

rabbitmq-server_3.9.0.beta.1-1.debian.tar.xz.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server_3.9.0.beta.1-1.dsc 3.81KB

rabbitmq-server_3.9.0.beta.1-1.dsc.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server_3.9.0.beta.1-1_all.deb 11.86MB

rabbitmq-server_3.9.0.beta.1-1_all.deb.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server_3.9.0.beta.1-1_amd64.buildinfo 6.32KB

rabbitmq-server_3.9.0.beta.1-1_amd64.buildinfo.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server_3.9.0.beta.1-1_amd64.changes 2.77KB

rabbitmq-server_3.9.0.beta.1-1_amd64.changes.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server_3.9.0.beta.1.orig.tar.xz 4.42MB

rabbitmq-server_3.9.0.beta.1.orig.tar.xz.asc 0.81KB

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release rabbitmq/rabbitmq-server


rabbitmq-server-3.8.18-rc.1.exe 17.05MB

rabbitmq-server-3.8.18-rc.1.exe.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-3.8.18-rc.1.tar.xz 3.07MB

rabbitmq-server-3.8.18-rc.1.tar.xz.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-3.8.18.rc.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm 15.08MB

rabbitmq-server-3.8.18.rc.1-1.el7.noarch.rpm.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-3.8.18.rc.1-1.el7.src.rpm 3.10MB

rabbitmq-server-3.8.18.rc.1-1.el7.src.rpm.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-3.8.18.rc.1-1.el8.noarch.rpm 15.08MB

rabbitmq-server-3.8.18.rc.1-1.el8.noarch.rpm.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-3.8.18.rc.1-1.el8.src.rpm 3.10MB

rabbitmq-server-3.8.18.rc.1-1.el8.src.rpm.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-3.8.18.rc.1-1.sles11.noarch.rpm 15.08MB

rabbitmq-server-3.8.18.rc.1-1.sles11.noarch.rpm.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-3.8.18.rc.1-1.sles11.src.rpm 3.10MB

rabbitmq-server-3.8.18.rc.1-1.sles11.src.rpm.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-3.8.18.rc.1-1.suse.noarch.rpm 15.08MB

rabbitmq-server-3.8.18.rc.1-1.suse.noarch.rpm.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-3.8.18.rc.1-1.suse.src.rpm 3.10MB

rabbitmq-server-3.8.18.rc.1-1.suse.src.rpm.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-generic-unix-3.8.18-rc.1.tar.xz 14.91MB

rabbitmq-server-generic-unix-3.8.18-rc.1.tar.xz.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server-generic-unix-latest-toolchain-3.8.18-rc.1.tar.xz 16.81MB

rabbitmq-server-generic-unix-latest-toolchain-3.8.18-rc.1.tar.xz.asc 0.81KB 25.26MB 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server_3.8.18.rc.1-1.debian.tar.xz 12.66KB

rabbitmq-server_3.8.18.rc.1-1.debian.tar.xz.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server_3.8.18.rc.1-1.dsc 3.80KB

rabbitmq-server_3.8.18.rc.1-1.dsc.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server_3.8.18.rc.1-1_all.deb 14.92MB

rabbitmq-server_3.8.18.rc.1-1_all.deb.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server_3.8.18.rc.1-1_amd64.buildinfo 6.31KB

rabbitmq-server_3.8.18.rc.1-1_amd64.buildinfo.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server_3.8.18.rc.1-1_amd64.changes 2.75KB

rabbitmq-server_3.8.18.rc.1-1_amd64.changes.asc 0.81KB

rabbitmq-server_3.8.18.rc.1.orig.tar.xz 3.07MB

rabbitmq-server_3.8.18.rc.1.orig.tar.xz.asc 0.81KB

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pull request commentw3c/requestidlecallback

chore: auto-publish

Ok, cool. We can update this PR once the document goes to REC, and do periodic maintenance on the spec as needed.


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pull request commentw3c/requestidlecallback

chore: auto-publish

For this one, it might be better to take it to REC and let it stay there, as I'm not aware of further plans to expand it. There are a few issues to be settled before that can happen.


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push eventw3c/hr-time

Yoav Weiss

commit sha 6eff0eb6318cbf3b70f62a75976ca2cf58ab7024


view details

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pull request commentw3c/device-memory

chore: cleanup root dir

Thanks for cleaning up! RE the renaming to .github/, wouldn't that make those files less prominent for contributors?


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pull request commentw3c/device-memory

chore: update README

Conflicts with the spec in what way?


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issue commentWICG/netinfo

Should we archive this?

Mozilla has pref'ed off this Netinfo on Android:


comment created time in 12 hours