Damien Timewell idlefingers Stockholm

erkie/ApiModel 111

Interact with API's using Realm ( and REST

idlefingers/do-space-sync-action 9

🔄 GitHub Action to sync a directory with a DigitalOcean Spaces

idlefingers/redirect_back 8

Rails plugin to make it easier to redirect back to actions by storing the return path in the session.

idlefingers/hash-pipe 3

A small collection of useful hash extensions

idlefingers/mobx-react-autorun 1

A small react HOC to run a mobx autorun function when a component mounts, and dispose of it when the component will unmount

idlefingers/whenever 1

Provides clean ruby syntax for defining messy cron jobs and running them Whenever.

idlefingers/APIModel 0

Interact with REST apis using to represent objects

idlefingers/buildpack-ruby-rake-deploy-tasks 0

Run arbitrary rake tasks on deploy to Heroku

idlefingers/capistrano-slackify 0

Publish deployment notifications to Slack via the incoming webhooks integration