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Ian Partridge ianpartridge IBM UK Senior cloud engineer @IBM.

apple/swift-corelibs-foundation 4404

The Foundation Project, providing core utilities, internationalization, and OS independence

apple/swift-docker 1172

Docker Official Image packaging for Swift

Evolution-App/iOS 224

Unofficial app for Swift Evolution

Evolution-App/Backend 123

Backend is responsible to provide data to EVOlution App - iOS

dokun1/slackin-swift 32

Invite people to your public slack instance - but in Swift!

ianpartridge/coffeeshop-demo 4

OpenLiberty, Kafka and Reactive are ordering serverless coffee with KEDA

appsody/appsody-buildah 1

A docker image with Appsody CLI installed that can be used for running Appsody with buildah in Tekton pipelines.