Marcel Hellwig hellow554 Hamburg, Germany

hellow554/cursive_hexview 13

A simple hexview for cursive

hellow554/logical-rs 5

A Ieee1164 digital circuit network simulator

hellow554/anymap 0

A safe and convenient store for one value of each type

hellow554/at24cx-rs 0

Platform agnostic driver for AT24CX series serial EEPROM written in Rust and built using embedded-hal

hellow554/backtrace-rs 0

Backtraces in Rust

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A simple bayesian spam classifier, written in Rust.

hellow554/BoringAuth 0

Straightforward password, passphrase, TOTP, and HOTP user authentication

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Rust library for reading/writing numbers in big-endian and little-endian.

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Bisects rustc, either nightlies or CI artifacts

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ClanLib is a cross platform C++ toolkit library.

issue openedEasyRPG/Editor-Qt

Apply Massive Changes

I know that @Ghabry has already seen it, but I think it is interesting that this characteristic has been noted.

I made a mockup, but very possibly that feature should be separated (maybe at the top, when an event is opened, where the event pages are)


Basically the idea is that batch changes can be applied in the next X lines for that type of command. For example, in the mockup it would be applied on the show/move picture. So perhaps it is better to separate the function where the user chooses which command or commands will apply the batch changes.

In the approach of the screenshot, the value 0 will only apply it on the current line, but it depends on the editor being intelligent, not being able to enter a greater number than the number of lines in use so far.

Selecting "All" will apply to all such lines at the event.

There I leave the idea to see what is the best approach to integrate an improvement that would save time updating data that so far are made one by one and sometimes are many lines.


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fork svenstaro/liquidprompt

A full-featured & carefully designed adaptive prompt for Bash & Zsh

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An embedded Controller Area Network (CAN) abstraction layer

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Cross platform terminal colors for Rust.

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Serial Line CAN (SLCAN) protocol codec

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Github hooks to provide an encouraging atmosphere for new contributors

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Rust teams structure

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A unified interface for reading and writing object file formats

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A tiny hardware-accelerated pixel frame buffer. :crab:

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A Mini Metro-inspired space trading game

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