Alain Lefebvre hartfordfive DevOps Developer

hartfordfive/cloudflarebeat 10

ELK beat to fetch Cloudflare logs via the Enterprise Log Share API

hartfordfive/filebeat-multiline-tester 4

Basic application to test multi-line patterns for filebeat configurations

hartfordfive/backblaze-hd-data-importer 3

Elasticsearch importer for Backblaze hard drive reliability data set

hartfordfive/counter 1

Thread-safe counter & rate-counter using channels

hartfordfive/gist-it 1

A small Go based cli tool to fetch and create Gists on Github.

hartfordfive/golog 1

A simple self contained web server process that logs data from incoming HTTP request

hartfordfive/gotools 1

A variety of simple Go programs

hartfordfive/beats 0

:tropical_fish: Beats - Lightweight shippers for Elasticsearch & Logstash

hartfordfive/brewformulas 0

Repo that contains my custom brew formulas

hartfordfive/brigade 0

A distributed load testing tool built in Go


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fork Ryccoo/ruby-grafana-api

A simple Ruby wrapper for the Grafana HTTP API

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