h46incon/AliDDNSBash 154

阿里云域名解析动态更新(DDNS)的 Shell 脚本

h46incon/ijst 7

A reflection-based and header-only JSON (de)serialization library for C++

h46incon/SleepPreventer 6

Prevent your Windows system and monitor from sleeping.

h46incon/AltTabAHK 4

ALT-TAB replacement with icons and window titles in ListView

h46incon/ModifierCustomizer 4

Make a new key such as "Capslock" become a modifier.

h46incon/android-crop 1

Android library project for cropping images

h46incon/ArduinoDoorControler 0

My door controler program for arduino

h46incon/dynamixel_hr 0

Python Library for Robotis Dynamixel motors


started time in 2 months