guiferviz/mnemocards 10

Flashcards generator. You won't forget anything...

guiferviz/nn_painting_tensorflow 6

Tensorflow implementation of a neural network that paints an image.

guiferviz/recipipe 4

Improved pipelines for data science projects.

guiferviz/remember-that-telegram-bot 3

Telegram bot build on top of Google AppEngine. The bot allows you to schedule reminders.

guiferviz/rl_udacity 2

Examples and notes related to the Reinforcement Learning MOOC (Udacity) by Georgia Tech.

guiferviz/happyml 1

Machine Learning Python library for academic purposes.

guiferviz/uranium 1

A radioactive programming language.

guiferviz/word-count-telegram-bot 1

Simple Python Telegram Bot that runs on Google AppEngine. It counts letters, words and lines of all the text messages that it receives.

guiferviz/aidictive 0

Addictive Artificial Intelligence library! SOTA models made easy :)

guiferviz/android-chat-gcm 0

Simple Android chat app that uses GCM for sending messages.


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Improved pipelines for data science projects.

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