ggtools/ 2

Web page for ggtools

ggtools/global-hack-day-3 2

Participant final submissions for the 3rd edition of the Docker Global Hack Day

ggtools/DDLGenerator 1

A Maven plugin to create DDL file from a JPA+Hibernate project.

ggtools/docker-springboot 1

Base docker image to run Java Springboot application in Docker

ggtools/java8 1

Dockerfile for java 8

ggtools/jenkins-swarm-docker 1

Jenkins swarm slave with Docker support

ggtools/Backup-Manager 0

Versatile yet easy to use command line backup tool for GNU/Linux. Suitable for desktop and servers.

issue openedpython-poetry/poetry

On windows poetry shell always start a cmd

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Feature Request

On Windows it looks like poetry shell always spawn a cmd even when run from a Powershell window. As expected the $SHELL environment variable is not working. This could be worked around by using poetry run "C:\Program Files\PowerShell\7-preview\pwsh.exe"

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issue openedpiwheels/packages

Missing package: tensorflow

Package name: tensorflow Issue type: Missing package Link to PyPI page: Link to piwheels page: Version: 1.14.0 Python version: 3.7 More information:

The previous version (1.13.1) exists for python 3.5, 3.6 & 3.7 but version 1.14.0 only exists for python 3.5 & python 3.7

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issue openedNilsJPWerner/autoDocstring

Return hint with multiple values is not supported

It looks like putting multiple value in the return hint breaks the template generation.

Let's start with a simple function and look at the generated doc (autoDocstring 0.3.0, Google style). The generated comments are close to perfection:

def function_2(a, b: float, c=None) -> str:
        a ([type]): [description]
        b (float): [description]
        c ([type], optional): [description]. Defaults to None.
        str: [description]

Now if I change the return value from str to (str, float) the code generation is now broken:

def function_4(a, b: float, c=None) -> (str, float):
        float ([type]): [description]

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fork ggtools/json-logging-python

Python logging library to emit JSON log that can be easily indexed and searchable by logging infrastructure such as ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana)

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