geoffgarside/Git.framework 132

Mac OS X Objective-C Framework for git repositories.

geoffgarside/cocoagit 83

An Objective-C/Foundation implementation of the Git version control software.

geoffgarside/oniguruma 13

Re-implementation of the oniguruma gem in pure C. Also aims to be compatible with more versions of Oniguruma

geoffgarside/angel 9

Set of helper methods for use with God

geoffgarside/bind-zone-parser 9

Rubygem for parsing BIND Zone files

geoffgarside/ber 6

Fork of golang pkg `encoding/asn1` to support the Basic Encoding Rules

geoffgarside/categories 6

Community driven repo for awesome Objective-C categories

geoffgarside/palmtree 5

Git copy of my palmtree gem on rubyforge

geoffgarside/fugue_icons_rails 4

Fugue Icons packaged for Rails 3.1

geoffgarside/doxyclean 3

A script to convert Doxygen output to resemble Apple's AppKit documentation

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Geoff Garside

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