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Yuta Iwama ganmacs @treasure-data Tokyo, Japan

cookpad/grpc_kit 116

A kit for creating gRPC server/client in Ruby.

cookpad/griffin 74

gRPC server and client for Ruby

ganmacs/cloud-paas 3

For Lecture repo

ganmacs/clcl 2


ganmacs/codic-clojure 1

codic interface

csg-tokyo/erbs 0

A preprocessor for user-defined syntax extension to Ruby

ganmacs/aric 0

Ruby Itunes Client

ganmacs/aws-cdk 0

The AWS Cloud Development Kit is a framework for defining cloud infrastructure in code

created repositorymattn/issue46867

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created repositorymattn/hoge

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created repositorymitchellh/tree-sitter-hcl

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fork mattn/radigo

Record radiko 📻

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fork mattn/go-radiko

Go client library for API

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release nats-io/


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created repositorymattn/

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created repositorymattn/cloudflare-pages-example

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created repositorymattn/cloudflare-pages-example

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created repositorymattn/tensorflow-inference

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fork mitchellh/immutable-rice

Configuration of i3, urxvt, conky and rofi using the NixOS configuration

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fork mattn/ruby_language_server

Language Server implementation in Ruby for Ruby. Development happens on the develop branch. Production is master.

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delete branch treasure-data/fluent-plugin-td

delete branch : to-retry-or-not-retry

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push eventtreasure-data/fluent-plugin-td

Timothée Peignier

commit sha 2366119b84b8be62825e606e9389934b86ccd2a3

Prevent retrying unretriable errors (#35) Co-authored-by: Takashi Kokubun <>

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PR merged treasure-data/fluent-plugin-td

Prevent retrying unretriable errors

Today the plugin will retry any non 200 responses, which make sense for most errors, except client errors that have no guarantee to be successful on retry (outside of 429).

This change rely on the newly released version of td ruby client hence the gemspec change and the draft PR. It will essentially give up uploading on a client error but will still retry on 429 response status.

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release hashicorp/go-plugin


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fork mitchellh/terraform-aws-eks

Terraform module to create an Elastic Kubernetes (EKS) cluster and associated worker instances on AWS

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