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Xi "Alexander" Fu fuxialexander Columbia University New York, NY Enthralled by genetics and epigenomics; tech & productivity enthusiast (check out my emacs config!).

fuxialexander/emacs-webkit-katex-render 57

An instant latex previewer for Emacs, based on xwidget and child-frame

fuxialexander/Applescript 46

Home-made script for automating your life :)

fuxialexander/doom-termacs 14

A doom-emacs experience in Termux

fuxialexander/modern-light-theme 13

Modified from spacemacs-light

fuxialexander/counsel-notmuch 12

Search emails in Notmuch asynchronously with Ivy

fuxialexander/marvel 7

Multigranular Analysis of Regulatory Variants on the Epigenomic Landscape

fuxialexander/emacs-doom-themes 3

This fork is now deprecated; I now use to customize my theme

fuxialexander/homebrew-repo 1

my homebrew repo for homemade apps


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issue openedhlissner/emacs-doom-themes

Accented characters not correctly represented in Win10 terminal version

What happened?

Accented characters are replaced by other characters

What did you expect to happen?

Accented characters are correctly reproduced

Steps to reproduce

  1. In a win10 DOS command prompt run "emacs -nw"
  2. Open any file that contains accented characters

Note: a) When running simply "emacs" there is no problem (but I need the terminal version to work). b) In config.el, when I set the doom theme to a theme that doesn't exist, I will get a warning on startup "theme not found", however the characters are represented correctly. However the evil layer doesn't work. c) in gitbash SDK-64, when I run "winpty emacs -nw" the characters are displayed correctly. Gitbash has several environment variables / paths set differently. d) I tried several doom themes, to no avail

System Information

  • Emacs version: 28.0.50 native compiled
  • Emacs distro: Doom Emacs
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Installed commit of doom-themes: latest
  • Which theme are you using: doom-one

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issue commentfuxialexander/org-pdftools

org-noter-insert-note not working properly


I had the same issue.. Took me a while to figure it out but the problem is with: (setq pdf-annot-activate-created-annotations t)

When this is commented everything works fine!

By the way, thanks for the awesome packages!


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issue commentfuxialexander/org-pdftools

Import all annotations except links?

If I call org-noter-pdftools-create-skeleton from an org-noter session, I'm asked whether I want to import the Outline, the Annotations, or Both. If I select 'Annotations', I'm given the option of selecting ALL, or just highlights, or just links, etc. If I select ALL, then I get a link for every active hyperlink in the text of the PDF. I'm trying to find a way to stop that from happening while also importing all highlights, all text notes, etc. I may be missing something here, though....


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issue commentfuxialexander/org-pdftools

Import all annotations except links?

So you looked in org-noter-pdftools-create-skeleton does this mean the links you want to get rid of is embedded in the outline of the pdf? What kind of links are you talking about?


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issue commentfuxialexander/org-pdftools

Insert precise note replaces text with icons

Hi, just to share some insight, I think the "replace text with icons" part is doable by using the text/overlay property display (see its info node) to "replace" the text by displaying our icons on the buffer instead but, I want you to be more specific about how the icons on your screen capture are decided, do they have some sort of a cryptic meaning or pattern to them or just randomly selected? And why do you want them in the first place? Is it because the annotation text are too long?


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issue openedhlissner/emacs-doom-themes

[Theme Request] Emacs default themes enhanced

Hi. I love the colors of the emacs default theme, but its missing out on a few features. For example, org src blocks and posframes have some issues displaying. Would you consider making a doom-emacs theme based off of the default color palette, but with the features included in the doom-themes?

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Github Pages template for academic personal websites, forked from mmistakes/minimal-mistakes

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release yihui/xfun


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