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Egor Namakonov fresheed Egor Namakonov

fresheed/tox-client 3

Java client for Tox via TCP

fresheed/ActivityClassifier 1

Various methods for parsing and classification of signals received from wearable devices

fresheed/bachelor_thesis 1

A thesis on hand motion recognition. See "Wrist motion recognition" in the "Projects" tab.

fresheed/ActionLogger 0

Android (wear+mobile) apps that log sensor activity and send it to Dropbox for further analysis

fresheed/coq-semantics-2019 0

A repository with Coq tasks related to "Semantics of programming languages" course at HSE-SPb

fresheed/hahn 0

Hahn: A Coq library

fresheed/hpcourse 0

Project is aimed to store student's practical works on high performance computing course