Frederik Jacques frederik-jacques the-nerd Brussels, Belgium I'm a freelance iOS consultant. Currently working at Belfius. It all started with QBasic at the age of 14 :-) Currently specialised in Objective-C & Swift.

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Easily generate favicons for today's devices with Sketch.

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You can find more info about this prototype at

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This tutorial is part of a blog post

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An easy way to create a login system in obj-c

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iPhone prototype app for

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World countries in JSON, CSV and XML. Any help is welcome!

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How to do a leightweight core data migration


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issue openedp2/OAuth2

Automatic login after successful OAuth2PasswordGrant

Hi all,

I was wondering how you would do an automatic login when you have previously done a successful OAuth2PasswordGrant. I'm currently using the following code to show a custom login viewcontroller at launch

` passwordGrant = OAuth2PasswordGrant(settings: settings) passwordGrant.authConfig.authorizeContext = self passwordGrant.delegate = self

do { print("$$ Authorizing") try passwordGrant.doAuthorize() } catch { print("$$ Error authorizing") print("$$ (error.localizedDescription)") } `

But when I relaunch the app the login viewcontroller is shown again, because the email/password fields are empty.

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