Frank Schmitt frankus Bellingham, WA, USA

frankus/MeterView 141

Dashboard-style gauges for iOS

frankus/NetPhotoScroller 12

Apple's PhotoScroller example modified to download tiles asynchronously

frankus/UIImage-ImagePickerCrop 9

Category on UIImage to create full-resolution cropped image from UIImagePickerController info dictionary

frankus/CADashboard 8

iOS Dashboard app for the Cycle Analyst eBike Amp-Hour Meter

frankus/SkyWireTest 6

Testing out the Southern Stars SkyWire iPhone RS-232 Cable

frankus/appirater 2

A utility that reminds your iPhone app's users to review the app.

frankus/CodeCamp-Talk 2

My presentation from Seattle Code Camp 2010

frankus/padden 1

Trail map overlay for Lake Padden Park in Bellingham, Washington, USA

apptentive/homebrew-travis 0

Homebrew tap for Travis builds

apptentive/ios-example 0

Example of a basic integration of an app with the Apptentive iOS SDK