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follower/android-arduino-handbag 24

Create Arduino-based Android accessories without writing Android code with Handbag

follower/android-background-service-usb-accessory 24

Example of how to start a background USB accessory service on Android

follower/0rk 5

Get friendly help where you need it: from the terminal!

follower/android-arduino-tinyaccessory 4

A simplified example of an Android Arduino Uno accessory

follower/android-accessory-compatibility-check 1

An Android application to check a device's compatibility with Android Open Accessory Protocol accessories.

follower/concept_graph 1

Experimental Godot addon for node-based procedural content generation

follower/accessibility-resources 0

A curated list of accessibility resources

follower/adequate-can 0

List of CAN/CANopen frameworks/libraries & debug/analysis related tools. || An (infrequently updated) mirror of:

follower/AI4Animation 0

Bringing Characters to Life with Computer Brains in Unity

follower/amoco 0

yet another tool for analysing binaries


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fork IsraEB/godot-midi-input-example

Example of MIDI Input handling (e.g keyboard/controller) for the Godot game engine.

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