Bill Fisher fisherwebdev Facebook Richmond, CA

fisherwebdev/webmotion 8

Leap Motion JavaScript Experiments

fisherwebdev/seeds 7

Backbone.js Twitter client

fisherwebdev/react 6

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It's declarative, efficient, and extremely flexible. What's more, it works with the libraries and frameworks that you already know.

fisherwebdev/touchy 3

jQuery plugin for touch events

fisherwebdev/EnvJasmine 1

A headless, self-contained tool for JavaScript Testing.

fisherwebdev/flux-react-router-example 1

A sample app showcasing Flux with React Router

fisherwebdev/grunt 1

Grunt: a task-based command line build tool for JavaScript projects.

fisherwebdev/httparty 1

Makes http fun! Also, makes consuming restful web services dead easy.

fisherwebdev/jquerytools 1

The missing UI library for the Web