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elixir-ecto/postgrex 854

PostgreSQL driver for Elixir

elixir-ecto/connection 247

Connection behaviour for connection processes

elixir-ecto/db_connection 239

Database connection behaviour

fishcakez/dbg 159

Tracing for Elixir

fishcakez/dialyze 82

Mix dialyzer task

fishcakez/core 43

Library for selective receive OTP processes

fishcakez/acceptor_pool 25

gen_tcp acceptor pool

fishcakez/backoff_supervisor 4

Backoff Supervisor

fishcakez/cliserv 3

Example TCP pool (half duplex and multiplex)

fishcakez/agent_telnet 2

Agent Appup Example

PR opened envoyproxy/envoy

[api] Handle previous message deps sync in contrib api

Commit Message: Handle previous message deps sync in contrib api Additional Description: Previously did not correctly handle generating the deps for v4alpha protos inside api contrib, which meant that generated build files could be point at incorrect targets. This was first realized in #17796, which had the v4alpha proto point at the non-contrib v3 location. Risk Level: Low Testing: Edit api/contrib/envoy/extensions/filters/network/rocketmq_proxy/v4alpha/ and ran proto format sync to update BUILD files, and included in the commit. Docs Changes: N/A Release Notes: N/A Platform Specific Features: N/A

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James Fish

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Handle previous message deps sync in contrib api Signed-off-by: James Fish <>

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