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Florent Chiron fchiron @iAdvize Nantes, France

FGRibreau/elasticsearch-exceptions 2

Parse Elasticsearch exception responses and transform them into JavaScript Errors

fchiron/MJNIndexView 1


iadvize/lualogging 1

LuaLogging provides a simple API to use logging features in Lua. Its design was based on log4j.

fchiron/awesome-grpc 0

A curated list of useful resources for gRPC

fchiron/awesome-scala 0

A community driven list of useful Scala libraries, frameworks and software.

fchiron/circe-derivation 0

Fast type class instance derivation for circe

fchiron/coursier 0

Pure Scala Artifact Fetching

fchiron/DefinitelyTyped 0

The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

fchiron/docker-loghose 0

Collect all the logs from all docker containers

fchiron/express-keenio 0

Instantly begin capturing analytics. Install Keen IO analytics into your Node.JS Express.js app in mere seconds.


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fork FGRibreau/roam2github

Automatic backups from Roam Research into your private GitHub repo

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created repositoryimage-charts/how-to-use-javascript-for-sending-charts

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fork FGRibreau/telegraf-timescaledb-docker

Based on the official telegraf docker image, but replaces the binary with the one from Timescale that supports Postgres

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fork mandubian/DDQN.pytorch

DDQN inplementation on PLE FlappyBird environment in PyTorch.

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created repositoryFGRibreau/srtripe-integration

Easiest Stripe Integration (ever)

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fork FGRibreau/RoamPageSearch

Alfred workflow for searching roam

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