fatuhoku/cabal-teamcity-plugin 5

TeamCity continuous integration for Cabalised Haskell projects

fatuhoku/demo-modular-ios-with-cocoapods-frameworks-and-xcprojects 3

Demonstrates how large Xcode projects can be decomposed into smaller project modules through frameworks, third party dependencies managed with Cocoaspods

fatuhoku/ansible-bootstrap 2

Automate installation of Ansible

fatuhoku/FlickrOAuth 1

Example how to Authenticate using OAuth for the Flickr API

fatuhoku/AFBlurSegue 0

Custom UIStoryboardSegue implementation for blurring the background of a modal view controller

fatuhoku/AksSegmentedSliderControl 0

Fork of AksSegmentedSliderControl to provide tag.

fatuhoku/analytics-ios 0

The hassle-free way to integrate analytics into any iOS application.

fatuhoku/AngularJS-Testing-Article 0

A testing repository for AngularJS

fatuhoku/asdk-self-sizing-collection-code-sample 0

This repo demonstrates an issue where cells are not drawn when integrating AsyncDisplayKit with a self-sizing layout, in a bid to create a high-performance Pinterest-style scroll view.

fatuhoku/audited 0

Audited (formerly acts_as_audited) is an ORM extension that logs all changes to your Rails models.

issue openedVisor-Live/visor-builds

How can I switch to P2D mode?

The following code does nothing:

  strokeCap ROUND
  strokeJoin ROUND

This is because ROUND is not supported under P3D mode, which Visor clearly uses. How can I switch to P2D, so that my 2D rendering can benefit from round corners? =]

p.s. Sweet project! I found using Visor for rapid prototyping Processing super useful. Cmd+Enter to update is pretty sweet.

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