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Prateek Srivastava f2prateek Segment Vancouver, BC, Canada

f2prateek/dart 1206

Extras binding and intent builders for Android apps.

f2prateek/device-frame-generator 232

Wrap your app screenshots in real device artwork.

f2prateek/android-checkstyle-plugin 39

Configures the checkstyle plugin for Android projects

f2prateek/bundler 20

Bundler is small fluent API on top top of android.os.Bundle

f2prateek/cloak 17

Library to Bootstrap Dagger on Android

f2prateek/clearbit-go 8

Golang API for the Clearbit API.

f2prateek/android-xkcd 5

XKCD Comic Viewer

f2prateek/cron 2

Cron library for Go.