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Eric Entin ericentin @FanDuel NYC Director of Engineering @FanDuel. I'm an Elixir/Erlang/OTP guy. Spoke at a few confs. Proud Elixir, Phoenix, Ecto, and Postgrex contributor.

ericentin/gen_state_machine 261

An idiomatic Elixir wrapper for gen_statem in OTP 19 (and above).

ericentin/exexec 53

Execute and control OS processes from Elixir.

ericentin/nifsy 52

A nifty NIF for the FS, providing faster filesystem operations for Elixir

ericentin/mandelixir 18

A GPU-boosted Mandelbrot viewer implemented in Elixir, using the Scenic Framework and OpenCL

ericentin/objc-eval 18

Via gcc and xcode, compile simple objective-c code provided as an NSString at runtime, and execute it within the context of the same, running, program.

ericentin/ets_map 7

An Elixir package that provides a Map-like interface (Map/Access/Enumerable/Collectable) backed by an ETS table

ericentin/caspax 4

An Elixir implementation of the CASPaxos distributed compare-and-set KV store.

ericentin/marching_squares_cassini 3

Some simple example code for a marching squares type algorithm that should be able to plot any function f(x,y) = z as a contour map.

ericentin/mutable_each 3

Implements imperative-style mutable iteration using macros in Elixir.

ericentin/alpine-elixir 1

A Dockerfile based on my alpine-erlang image for Elixir applications