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Eric Entin ericentin @FanDuel NYC Director of Engineering @FanDuel. I'm an Elixir/Erlang/OTP guy. Spoke at a few confs. Proud Elixir, Phoenix, Ecto, and Postgrex contributor.

ericentin/gen_state_machine 257

An idiomatic Elixir wrapper for gen_statem in OTP 19 (and above).

ericentin/exexec 52

Execute and control OS processes from Elixir.

ericentin/nifsy 50

A nifty NIF for the FS, providing faster filesystem operations for Elixir

ericentin/mandelixir 18

A GPU-boosted Mandelbrot viewer implemented in Elixir, using the Scenic Framework and OpenCL

ericentin/objc-eval 18

Via gcc and xcode, compile simple objective-c code provided as an NSString at runtime, and execute it within the context of the same, running, program.

ericentin/ets_map 7

An Elixir package that provides a Map-like interface (Map/Access/Enumerable/Collectable) backed by an ETS table

ericentin/caspax 4

An Elixir implementation of the CASPaxos distributed compare-and-set KV store.

ericentin/marching_squares_cassini 3

Some simple example code for a marching squares type algorithm that should be able to plot any function f(x,y) = z as a contour map.

ericentin/mutable_each 3

Implements imperative-style mutable iteration using macros in Elixir.

ericentin/alpine-elixir 1

A Dockerfile based on my alpine-erlang image for Elixir applications

release gleam-lang/stdlib


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issue openedfanduel/jsonrpc2-elixir

Application level error handling

I have a Phoenix application using the JSONRPC2.Server.Handler and we use Sentry for error collection. I'd like to be able to integrate Sentry error reporting.

The library currently has nice detailed error logging but I'd like to implement an handle_error callback or similar to have JSONRPC2 handle the calls and response but allow the Rollbar, Sentry, other tool of choice be hooked in by the library user.

Thoughts on how this should look or if it's even in scope for the library, maybe this is doable now? I couldn't see an easy way without code change.

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created repositorymeadsteve/pipenvandmake

Example for using make and pipenv to manage a venv

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fork josevalim/jason

A blazing fast JSON parser and generator in pure Elixir.

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fork danhper/diem

Diem’s mission is to build a trusted and innovative financial network that empowers people and businesses around the world.

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fork StevenXL/

The React documentation website

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created repositorylpil/template-eeee

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created repositorygleam-lang/gleam-javascript-basic-template

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