Matt Duszynski dzunk @GhostGroup Irvine, CA The tower stands proudly, the statue gazes out to sea. What great work was not created, but that the builder might see his reflection in the world?

jcraigk/phishin 34

An archive of live Phish audio

dzunk/redis-time-series 4

⏱️📈 A Ruby adapter for the RedisTimeSeries module

dzunk/total-recall 4

A deep dive into Ruby memory management

dzunk/dotfiles 1

@dzunk's dotfiles

dzunk/spiralizer 1

Convert a matrix or two-dimensional array into a spiralized string.

dzunk/audited 0

Audited (formerly acts_as_audited) is an ORM extension that logs all changes to your Rails models.

dzunk/ 0

Source repo for Docker's Documentation

dzunk/ 0

Are we still doing phrasing?

dzunk/git-release-name 0

Generate a release names based on a git sha

dzunk/KeyBindings 0

DefaultKeybindings.dict for Mac OS X


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fork amatsuda/rubocop

A Ruby static code analyzer and formatter, based on the community Ruby style guide.

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fork amatsuda/standard

🌟 Ruby Style Guide, with linter & automatic code fixer

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fork amatsuda/erubi

Small ERB Implementation

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fork pyromaniac/dry-validation

Validation library with type-safe schemas and rules

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created repositorypyromaniac/operations_framework

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fork amatsuda/mail

A Really Ruby Mail Library

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fork amatsuda/hashie

Hashie is a collection of classes and mixins that make Ruby hashes more powerful.

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fork amatsuda/date

A subclass of Object includes Comparable module for handling dates.

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fork amatsuda/git-gsub

A Git subcommand to do gsub in a repository

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fork amatsuda/paper_trail

Track changes to your rails models

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fork amatsuda/ancestry

Organise ActiveRecord model into a tree structure

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fork pyromaniac/valvat

Validates european vat numbers. Standalone or as a ActiveModel validator.

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push eventjhawthorn/modelh

John Hawthorn

commit sha 29a1b3e48f201db61c8acea1bdaaf40cbfce4e61

Fix typos

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fork pyromaniac/data-migrate

Migrate and update data alongside your database structure.

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push eventjhawthorn/modelh

John Hawthorn

commit sha ed14a36fc6f444223077cbf1afde333fa05e5251

site updates

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