Daniel Schep dschep @onXmaps Richmond, VA Maps, Python, Bikes, Serverless, & More

capitalone/serverless-shell 15

⚡️🐚 Serverless Shell with environment variables plugin

dschep/django-xor-formfields 15

Mutually Exclusive Fields&Widgets for Django.

capitalone/local-crontab 8

🗺️⏰ Convert local crontabs to UTC crontabs

dschep/bikehero 7

🚲🔧 A webapp for crowd-sourced Fixit-stands & bike pumps

dschep/dc-bike-finder 7

🚲🗺️ A webapp for finding bikeshares in DC

dschep/django-photomap 6

A simple Django app to provide a map with user submitted phots

dschep/box 5

Ansible scripts provision a computer to my tastes

dschep/filter-event-action 5

A Github Action to filter by event contents

dschep/bikehero-labs 3

🚲⚗️ small bikey projects

dschep/ansible-docker 1

An un-fancy ansible module to install docker on Ubuntu


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issue closeddschep/imgur-album-downloader

Bookmarklet! Update.

Hello. It seems bookmarklet outdated. Need change "gallery" to "a" in regex. javascript:location.href=location.pathname.replace(/.*\/gallery\//,'') - Original javascript:location.href=location.pathname.replace(/.*\/a\//,'') - New

Thanks for your downloader :)

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push eventdschep/imgur-album-downloader

Daniel Schep

commit sha 372848bec4413a0533733af212b23d7c4bfd45af

fix #7

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push eventdschep/ntfy

Thomas A. Christensen II

commit sha 2346e7cfdca84c8f1afc7462a92145c1789deb3e

Swap Slacker for Slack SDK

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Daniel Schep

commit sha 8bb5e53c4fe1484be08251e9fca5d267734cdcda

Merge pull request #229 from MillironX/master

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PR merged dschep/ntfy

Swap Slacker for Slack SDK

Slacker ( has been archived and isn't receiving updates, and ntfy's Slack integration broke for me as a result. This PR swaps out Slacker for the official Slack API (, which is basically 1-to-1. Everything works perfectly on my machine with my limited test cases.

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Daniel Schep

commit sha 1bc5b1f7819f3bc2867421e4cc2a58e79e030cf6

Update osgeo-filegdb-api.rb

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