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David Leppik dleppik Leppik Logic, LLC St. Louis Park, MN

dleppik/ozone 14

A JavaScript database for realtime data analysis and visualization

dleppik/EgTest 5

Annotation-Based Testing: testable documentation in your source code

dleppik/Justify 3

IntelliJ Plug-in to format text.

dleppik/EgTestExample 0

A repository which shows how to import and use EgTest

dleppik/graylife 0

Grayscale variants of Conway's Game of Life

dleppik/react-0.14.0-typescript-1.6-tutorial 0

Modified React 0.14.0 tutorial working with TypeScript 1.6.2

sheltah22/sharks-and-fishes 0

A simple sharks and fishes simulator