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Richard Lee dlackty @polydice Taipei, Taiwan Google Developer Expert for @firebase & @line API Expert

bcylin/hubot-talk-rubbish 1

Polydice Hubot Hackathon 2014. A side project.

dlackty/ 0

It's Time to Choose A Better Browser

dlackty/activeadmin 0

The administration framework for Ruby on Rails applications.

dlackty/active_admin-sortable_tree 0

Show ActiveAdmin index as a nested tree with drag'n'drop

dlackty/acts_as_list 0

An ActiveRecord plugin for managing lists.

dlackty/AFMessagePackRequestOperation 0

AFMessagePackRequestOperation is an extension for AFNetworking that provides an interface to parse MessagePack.

dlackty/ahoy_email 0

Simple, powerful email tracking for Rails

dlackty/android-test 0

An extensive framework for testing Android apps

dlackty/arbre 0

An Object Oriented DOM Tree in Ruby

dlackty/arek 0

AREK is a clean and easy way to request any kind of iOS permission (with some nifty features 🤖)

fork lovell/libjxl

JPEG XL image format reference implementation

fork in 39 minutes


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created repositorykishikawakatsumi/swiftfiddle-lsp

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fork PeterDaveHello/hadolint

Dockerfile linter, validate inline bash, written in Haskell

fork in 7 hours

created repositoryorta/eos-clipboard-manager

A WIP clipboard manager for elementary os

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fork orta/meson

The Meson Build System

fork in 8 hours


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fork AllenFang/luigi

Micro frontend framework

fork in 14 hours


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release ljharb/tc39-ci


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created repositoryleemengtaiwan/design-patterns

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push eventtaiwan-publisher-group/prebid-currencies-for-twd

Automated Publisher

commit sha a1862847113106deca4b3f5e7f4b807f30e2bf66

Automated publish: Sat Jun 19 00:33:49 UTC 2021 1c7566f7637005030f80fc944f2cf6d72d4a8189

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created repositoryankane/pgvector-node

pgvector support for Node.js

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created repositorymihaip/transparent-mac

A Transparent Mac from 1993

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created repositoryviglesiasce/skaffold-starting-points

Starting points for skaffold initialization

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release mxcl/xcodebuild


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