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dfries/datalink_ironman 5

Datalink library for the Ironman, 70, 150, and 150S watch for Linux

dfries/DMXSerial 1

An Arduino library for sending and receiving DMX packets.

dfries/alsa-lib 0

The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - library

dfries/attic 0

Deduplicating backup program

dfries/busybox-power 0

Maemo5 /debian, patches, and build script for Maemo5 on N900

dfries/cores 0

Teensy Core Libraries for Arduino

dfries/ddccontrol-db 0

DDC Control Monitor Database

dfries/esp-link 0

esp8266 wifi-serial bridge, outbound TCP, and arduino/AVR/LPC/NXP programmer

dfries/esp-open-sdk 0

Free and open (as much as possible) integrated SDK for ESP8266/ESP8285 chips