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Derrick Mar derrickmar Pathrise San Francisco, California CTO @ Pathrise

data-8/nbpuller 11

A interact extension for jupyter notebook.

davidtingsu/calbeat 0

Joint efforts of and to create an event driven website for UC Berkeley.

derrickmar/AI-Proj2 0

Propositional Logic/SAT

derrickmar/angular-hotkeys 0

Configuration-centric keyboard shortcuts for your Angular apps.

derrickmar/angular.js 0

HTML enhanced for web apps

derrickmar/animate.css 0

Cross-browser CSS3 animations. Plug and play. Do a little dance.

created repositoryradar/react-select-debounce

Created with CodeSandbox

created time in 2 days

created repositoryradar/react-select-debounce

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fork radar/dry-files

File utilities

fork in 13 days

created repositoryradar/ajax-react

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push eventdata-8/archived-exams

Melissa Wong

commit sha a7507fa2acdfea0894e222bffe467ab663f75e75

Added images to Fa20 Final Exam.

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fork radar/rom-sql

SQL support for rom-rb

fork in 2 months


fork radar/fzf

:cherry_blossom: A command-line fuzzy finder

fork in 3 months

fork radar/savon

Heavy metal SOAP client

fork in 3 months