deathcap/artpacks 8

cascading texture/sound artwork pack loader

deathcap/avatar 7

skinned avatar for voxel games

deathcap/box-geometry 4

cube geometry mesh generator for gl-vao

deathcap/Burger 4

A simple tool for picking out information from the minecraft JARs, primarily useful for developers.

deathcap/artpacks-ui 3

user interface for artpacks

deathcap/atlaspack 2

Pack images into a texture atlas.

deathcap/binary-xhr 2

small module for fetching things as binary in a browser

deathcap/browser-hex 2

Pretty-prints a Buffer

deathcap/camera-debug 2

camera debug controls for voxel-shader (voxel.js plugin)

deathcap/conforms 2

check whether a value conforms to an interface template