David Snabel-Caunt dcaunt @Twitter London Software Engineer at Twitter. iOS, Swift, Objective-C.

dcaunt/Dalton 11

A simple RSS & Atom feed parser

dcaunt/Carthage 1

A simple, decentralized dependency manager for Cocoa

dcaunt/himotoki-playground 1

A playground tutorial for Himotoki

dcaunt/AFNetworking 0

A delightful iOS and OS X networking framework

dcaunt/analytics-ios 0

The hassle-free way to integrate analytics into any iOS application.

dcaunt/articles 0

Weekly articles for

dcaunt/articles-1 0

All current articles

dcaunt/BKMoneyKit 0

iOS UI controls and formatters for entering money, credit card number and expiry date.

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Xcode 12 build compatibility

Let me know if I can help with anything.


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Reject invalid TypeCondition expressions

According to the spec, we should only parse named types, not all types

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Reject invalid TypeCondition expressions

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