daylerees/colour-schemes 9244

Colour schemes for a variety of editors created by Dayle Rees.

daylerees/scientist 733

A PHP experimentation library inspired by Github's own Scientist.

daylerees/material-peacock 593

Peacock colour scheme optimized for the Material UI PHPStorm theme.

daylerees/dependency-injection-example 403

An introduction to Dependency Injection.

daylerees/laravel-website-configs 338

Webserver configuration files for Laravel 4.

daylerees/anbu 314

Anbu profiler for the Laravel PHP Framework.

daylerees/sanitizer 250

Sanitize data using a number of mutation methods.

daylerees/kurenai 150

Kurenai is a document with metadata parsing library for PHP.

daylerees/laravel-resources 68

A list of resources for the Laravel framework.

daylerees/laravel-vagrant 61

Vagrant configuration for Laravel 4.

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sqlmigrations: v20.1.0: out of bounds panic

Hi all, my team has managed to dump out the jobs table as requested, due to mentions of schema, I've used the support link shared above to send them over. Thanks for your help!


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issue openedAssistant/ModAssistant

Update and Exit

Hi guys, sorry to use an issue for this, wasn't sure where else to ask. Is it possible to launch the executable to update and then exit? So that it could be added to either an OS startup script, or a script to start beat saber? Thanks!

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