Darren Stahl darstahl Redmond Advocate for project based education and all things open source.

darstahl/busybox 0

Dockerfile for a Windows busybox image

darstahl/busybox-1 0

Docker Official Image packaging for Busybox

darstahl/cli 0

The Docker CLI

darstahl/containerd 0

An open and reliable container runtime

darstahl/continuity 0

A transport-agnostic, filesystem metadata manifest system

darstahl/cri-containerd 0

Containerd-based implementation of Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface

darstahl/docker-leak-check 0

Leak checker for Windows Docker daemons, used to find invalid images, and unreferenced layers.

darstahl/Docker.DotNet 0

:whale: .NET (C#) Client Library for Docker API

darstahl/dotnet-computevirtualization 0

Sample class library for interfacing with Windows host compute service.