darktable/appengine-boilerplate 2

Boilerplate setup for App Engine with html5-boilerplate 2.0, OpenID, memcache, user preferences, and more

darktable/artemis_CSharp 2

Artemis Entity System Framework ported to C#

darktable/android-open-accessory-bridge 1

A USB communication bridge using Android Open Accessory Protocol. Allows sending of messages between a Python script running on a PC and Android activity running on an Android device.

darktable/ATMHud 1

Library for the creation of HUDs in iPhone applications.

darktable/bootstrap 1

CSS toolkit from Twitter

darktable/cijoe 1

CI Joe is a fun Continuous Integration server.

darktable/concrete 1

Simple continuous integration server written with NodeJS and CoffeeScript

darktable/cygnuscms 1

A Python CMS for Google App Engine

darktable/deployinator 1


darktable/dupeguru 1

Find duplicate files. On Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

fork darktable/Arduino-CmdMessenger

CmdMessenger Communication library for Arduino & .NET

fork in 3 months