cypher/dotfiles 285

My Dotfiles

mattetti/merb-book 187

Open Source Merb book

cschneid/sinatra-book 135

OFFICAL REPO MOVED TO /sinatra/sinatra-book Tutorial + Cookbook

cypher/git-ruby-syntax-check 71

Checks the syntax of all changed ruby files is valid before allowing a commit

cypher/thor-git 38

A port of sake-git to Thor. A set of Thor tasks to make developing with Git easier.

cypher/rbcoremidi 18

A very simple access layer to the OS X CoreMIDI library.

cypher/html5-presentation 11

HTML5: What's new? What's changed?

cypher/rack-dickbarblocker 11

A Rack middleware that displays a special page to anyone using the DiggBar.

cypher/fastri 8

A clone of Mauricio Fernandez' FastRI darcs repository

cypher/utilitybelt 8

IRB extenions for Power Users

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PR opened Homebrew/homebrew-core

sd: Install man page and shell completions
  • [x] Have you followed the guidelines for contributing?
  • [x] Have you checked that there aren't other open pull requests for the same formula update/change?
  • [x] Have you built your formula locally with brew install --build-from-source <formula>, where <formula> is the name of the formula you're submitting?
  • [x] Is your test running fine brew test <formula>, where <formula> is the name of the formula you're submitting?
  • [x] Does your build pass brew audit --strict <formula> (after doing brew install <formula>)?

Also install sd's man page and shell completions for bash and zsh, similar to how the ripgrep formula does.

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branch : sd-man-page-shell-completions

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🍻 Default formulae for the missing package manager for macOS

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