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csun/simple_gnucash_budget_plots 10

Simple budget plots for GnuCash - discussed in

csun/syntrain 7

Generation of image semantic segmentation training data from 3D renders.

csun/ellipsis_split_files 1

PCB and Plate files for the ellipsis split

csun/scarry 1

A Javascript library for creating interactive storybooks.

csun/awesome-split-keyboards 0

A collection of ergonomic split keyboards ⌨

csun/carnacki 0

A Phantom.js library designed to make scripting google searches easier

csun/ 0

A Jekyll site for

push eventcsun/ellipsis_split_firmware

Cameron Sun

commit sha 33b28e8c7c5b05973ea26b9afeb2503bef2d6ca5

Pull upstream and attempt to add debounce

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