Chris Jordan-Squire chrisjordansquire

BIDS/datarray 78

Prototyping numpy arrays with named axes for data management.

chrisjordansquire/r_vs_py 40

Simple comparison of Python and R for a basic OLS analysis

wesm/read-table 4

Working on IO utilities for loading structured data into Python

chrisjordansquire/numpy 2

Numpy main repository

chrisjordansquire/uw_python_tutorial 2

Python tutorial for UWashington math, stat, biostat graduate students

chrisjordansquire/linear_ip 1

Toy interior point LP solver in C++ using Eigen.

chrisjordansquire/scipy 1

Scipy main repository

chrisjordansquire/statsmodels 1

main repo of statsmodels

chrisjordansquire/CjsCodeSnippets 0

Small snippets of personal code