Cameron Edwards cameronprattedwards Live New York, NY

cameronprattedwards/ko-genius 4

A modification of Genius that is Knockout compatible

cameronprattedwards/genius 1

A lightweight data framework for JavaScript apps

cameronprattedwards/ko-data 1

Tools for your persistence and domain layers in Knockout.

cameronprattedwards/angular-genius 0

A helpful module for working with Genius in Angular

cameronprattedwards/angular-schema-form 0

Generate forms from a JSON schema, with AngularJS!

cameronprattedwards/angular-ui-tree 0

An Angularjs ui component that can sort nested lists and bind data, and it dosen't need to depend on jQuery.

cameronprattedwards/cameronpedwards 0

My personal website

cameronprattedwards/cat-dog 0

Cat Dog Thingie

cameronprattedwards/create-react-app 0

Create React apps with no build configuration.