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Ben Blackmore bripkens @instana Solingen, Germany Software and quadcopter guy. Engineer with @instana.

bripkens/connect-history-api-fallback 1595

Fallback to index.html for applications that are using the HTML 5 history API

bripkens/dock 220

Bootstrap databases, MOMs and other tools that you need for development purposes

bripkens/event-loop-stats 29

Exposes stats about the libuv default loop

bripkens/admin 16

Drop-in Node.js admin endpoint to help you analyze production issues.

bripkens/commonjs-karma-saucelabs-example 6

minimal working example of CommonJS modules that are tested on SauceLabs

bripkens/ec2c.js 6

Search and connect to EC2 instances via SSH - the easy way.


release codefromthecrypt/temprepo


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release codefromthecrypt/temprepo


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release codefromthecrypt/temprepo


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