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Michele & Ksenia Balistreri briksoftware

bitgamma/boltun 125

Transforms notifications from the Postgres LISTEN/NOTIFY mechanism into callback execution

bitgamma/plug_auth 66

A collection of authentication-related plugs

bitgamma/updatefx 28

Update framework for JavaFX package applications

bitgamma/crudex 18

CRUD utilities for Phoenix and Ecto

bitgamma/ex_pigpio 7

Elixir NIF for pigpio

bitgamma/tlv 6

A Javascript TLV library

bitgamma/plugin-loader 5

Dynamic plugin discovery and loading for node.js applications

bitgamma/gradusnik 4

A PIC18LF24K22 based OSNP-compatible Thermometer

bitgamma/osnp 4

Open Sensor Network Protocol

bitgamma/fx-platform-utils 3

Platform-specific integration for JavaFX applications