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brianblakely/nodep-date-input-polyfill 95

Automatically adds datepickers to input[type=date] on IE, macOS Safari, and legacy browsers.

brianblakely/atlantis 13

A JavaScript Game Boy Color emulator, playable in any Web client.

brianblakely/fun-button 4

[WIP] Button which allows GLSL shaders to be applied in response to various effects. Compatible with three.js, Shadertoy, and Pixi shaders. Polymer-based web component.

brianblakely/broccoli-babel-transpiler 1

Broccoli plugin for babel

brianblakely/nativefier 1

Make any web page a desktop application

brianblakely/a-frame-sample 0

A responsive VR app based on the A-Frame library.

brianblakely/aice 0

A GUI for Ice.

brianblakely/bits-and-dots 0

Various items I might reuse or otherwise find handy across projects.

brianblakely/chromecirca 0

A simplified look at Web Platform health.

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issue openedbrianblakely/atlantis

Buttons touchable area off in iOS fullscreen

There‘s something off with the touchable area of the buttons in iOS when using Atlantis as a fullscreen web app. I have to touch above each button to perform its action. Everything’s fine while playing in safari with its menu bars. Happens on iPhone 12 Pro.

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