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brandonparsons Twitter: @bkparso

brandonparsons/postgres_describe 9

Library for describing postgres tables and saving that output into a given location in your application source.

brandonparsons/ 1

A Python web service implementing William Sharpe's Critical Line Algorithm

brandonparsons/ 0

Rails API serving and Ember.js application

brandonparsons/ 0

Sinatra app hosting (home page, not much here right now)

brandonparsons/email-blueprints 0

HTML Email Layouts by MailChimp

brandonparsons/ 0

Ember.js application serving logged-in users to

brandonparsons/saas-guide 0

Repository for udemy course on creating a multi tenant saas application in Ruby on Rails

brandonparsons/ 0

Golang Monte Carlo simulation for retirement - called by