bonsaiviking/NfSpy 239

ID-spoofing NFS client

bonsaiviking/nmap-completion 65

Bash-completion script for Nmap

bonsaiviking/TarPyt 42

A web spider's worst nightmare.

bonsaiviking/IPMap 18

Map IPv4 addresses to Hilbert curves for data visualization

bonsaiviking/Nsploit 17

Popping boxes with Nmap

bonsaiviking/NightlyNmap 9

Framework for periodic scanning with Nmap

bonsaiviking/missing-os-fingerprints 8

These IP addresses were scanned by the Carna botnet, but Nmap's OS detection scanner wasn't able to match their fingerprints.

bonsaiviking/p0fclient 5

A Python client for p0f

bonsaiviking/luaprofiler 4

LuaProfiler can profile programs written in Lua and in CGILua. This repository was converted from a CVS repository on on Jan. 20, 2010. If you are the maintainer, please fork and then email and ask us to "reroot" it to you. (Or you can ask us to delete the repository.)

bonsaiviking/metasploit-framework 2

Metasploit Framework