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Vladimír Bobeš Tužinský bobes Slovakia

bobes/sproutcore-coffeescript 29

SproutCore + CoffeeScript in love

bobes/textmagic 14

Ruby interface to the TextMagic's Bulk SMS Gateway

bobes/presenter 5

Presenter pattern made easy (in Rails)

bobes/pretty_test 4

Beautiful output for Minitest

bobes/navvy 2

Simple Ruby background job processor inspired by delayed_job, but aiming for database agnosticism.

bobes/octopus 2

Database Sharding for ActiveRecord

bobes/ansi2html 1

Convert ANSI escape sequences to styleable HTML markup

bobes/jekyll_layouts 1

Layout files shared by pages under

bobes/munin_plugins 1

Collection of custom Munin plugins