bmizerany/assert 143

Asserts to Go testing

bmizerany/aws4 72

A Go package for AWS Signature version 4

bmizerany/aws 26

An old simple AWS client in Go (use bmizerany/aws4 for more up to date aws usage).

bmizerany/beldam 14

clean, easy, ec2 wrapper

bmizerany/em-swirl 12

An evented Ruby EC2 driver for EventMachine

bmizerany/dotfiles 6


bmizerany/doozerd 5

A consistent distributed data store.

bmizerany/amqp 4

AMQP client implementation in Ruby/EventMachine

bmizerany/capistrano-bells 4

A bunch of recipes to help you deploy a Rails app.

bmizerany/domainy 4

for getting the base of a domain

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Blake Mizerany

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