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dwa012/reaper 5

A Rails Gem to that can convert your existing rails models into an API controller and also create iOS or Android code that will allow connecting to your Rails server.

bmanuel/mysql-5.1 2

Dockerfile for some old projects still using MySQL 5.1

bmanuel/aws-proton-sample-fargate-service 0

Sample application code for AWS Proton

bmanuel/calendar_recurrence 0

Recurrence is an Elixir library for working with recurring dates

bmanuel/chef-mongodb 0

MongoDB Chef cookbook

bmanuel/docker-postgis 0

Docker image for PostGIS

bmanuel/ecto_job 0

Transactional job queue with Ecto, PostgreSQL and GenStage

bmanuel/exq 0

Job processing library for Elixir - compatible with Resque / Sidekiq

bmanuel/i3status-rust 0

Very resourcefriendly and feature-rich replacement for i3status, written in pure Rust