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Brian Saville bluesliverx Adobe Utah

bluesliverx/gradle-android-publisher 91

Gradle plugin to publish APKs to Google Play

bluesliverx/grails-artefact-messaging 4

bluesliverx/adobe-analytics-hackathon-2017 1

Helper script for generating fake traffic data

bluesliverx/Castle.MonoRail 1

Castle MonoRail Framework -

bluesliverx/gmongo 1

A Groovy wrapper to the mongodb Java driver

bluesliverx/grails-core 1

The Grails Web Application Framework

bluesliverx/grails-data-mapping 1

Grails Data Mapping Project

bluesliverx/aio-pika 0

AMQP 0.9 client designed for asyncio and humans.

release tiangolo/fastapi


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issue openedbluesliverx/grails-external-config-reload

Bintray is shutdown, please publish to new repo

See this article:

We strongly suggest that folks publish to Maven Central.

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fork tamagoko/pydc-control

Coordinates control of multiple docker-compose projects

fork in 2 months

issue openedjenkinsci/github-pr-comment-build-plugin

The plugin is not triggered with a multibranch pipeline

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Version report

Jenkins and plugins versions report:

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  • What Operating System are you using (both controller, and any agents involved in the problem)?

Reproduction steps


  • Write bullet-point reproduction steps.

  • Be explicit about any relevant configuration, jobs, build history, user accounts, etc., redacting confidential information as needed.

  • The best reproduction steps start with a clean Jenkins install, perhaps a docker run command if possible.

  • Use screenshots where appropriate, copy textual output otherwise. When in doubt, do both.

  • Include relevant logs, debug if needed - -->

  • Installed plugin and related stuff

  • Created a multibranch pipeline with webhook.

  • Used a CURL with a valid payload of a github event trigerred by a comment


Expected result:

Creates a new build in the specific job for the specific pull request Actual result:

Only trigger the scan with no logs from the plugin.

What this piece of code means? Perhaps is discarded for this reason, but I don't know what SCMSourceOwner implies. @Override protected boolean isApplicable(Item item) { if (item != null && item instanceof Job<?, ?>) { Job<?, ?> project = (Job<?, ?>) item; if (project.getParent() instanceof SCMSourceOwner) { SCMSourceOwner owner = (SCMSourceOwner) project.getParent(); for (SCMSource source : owner.getSCMSources()) { if (source instanceof GitHubSCMSource) { return true; } } } } return false; }

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